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BIBS100 brass angle inlet shadow

BIBS100 Built-In Breathing System Back Pressure Regulator: Gas / Diaphragm / Max. Rating: 50 bar (725 psi) / Control Range: 30 bar (435 psi) / Cv 2.0

The BIBS100 is a negative-biased, dome-loaded back pressure regulator for gas applications. It offers fine adjustment of the bias spring for enhanced process control.

Its balanced main valve design minimises load on the seat and provides stable pressure control. In addition, servicing is simplified with easy access to the seat cartridge from the base of the regulator

LF310 brass angle

LF310 Low-Flow Pressure Regulator: Gas or Liquid / Inconel® X750 Diaphragm / Disk Seat / Non-Venting / Max. Inlet: 414 bar (6,000 psi) / Max. Outlet: 35 bar (510 psi) / Cv 0.06 or 0.15

The LF310 is a single-stage diaphragm-sensed pressure regulator for applications that require higher supply pressures in addition to an extended life cycle.

Based on the LF300 – with its long-lasting Inconel® X750 diaphragm – the LF310 also offers a ‘solid disk’ seat design which is more robust for aggressive or high temperature applications.

lf540 brass angle inlet

LF540 Low-Flow Pressure Regulator: Gas or Liquid / Piston / Self- or Non-Venting / Max. Inlet: 690 bar (10,000 psi) / Max. Outlet: 414 bar (6,000 psi) / Cv 0.1

The LF540 is a compact and economical piston-sensed, low-flow regulator with precision machined sensing elements to allow fine pressure control up to 414 bar (6,000 psi).

Its load bearings and large handwheel offer low torque adjustment, and the LF540 can be supplied as non-venting or self-venting, non-captured (on gas only). Please note: Cv 0.3 is only available as non-venting.

mf101 brass angle inlet

MF101D Medium-Flow Pressure Regulator for Diving Applications: Gas / Piston / Self-Venting or Non-Venting / Max. Inlet: 300 bar (4,350 psi) / Max. Outlet: 40 bar (580 psi) / Cv 0.5

The MF101D is a piston-sensed medium-flow pressure regulator.

With a balanced main valve and non-venting as standard, the MF101D enables inlet pressures of up to 300 bar (4,350 psi) and controlling outlet pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi).

In addition, the MF101D is supplied cleaned and degreased to ASTM G93 Level C.

mf300t brass inlet angle

MF300T Medium-Flow Tracking Pressure Regulator: Gas or Liquid / Piston / Self-Venting / Max. Inlet: 300 bar (4,350 psi) / Max. Spring Adjust. Outlet: 25 bar (360 psi) / Cv 2.0

The MF300T is a piston-sensed self-venting regulator for gas or liquid applications with 1:1 tracking ratio to reference pressure.

The MF300T offers a balanced main valve as standard and features an anti-tamper locking cap as standard with its reference port in an adjustable position to suit your application. The MF300T’s 1/2″” and 3/4″” designs have been subjected to Oxygen Ignition Tests to EN ISO 7291

mf301 brass angle inlet

MF301D Medium-Flow Pressure Regulator for Diving Applications: Gas / Piston / Non- or Self-Venting / Max. Inlet: 300 bar (4,350 psi) / Max. Outlet: 300 bar (4,350 psi) / Cv 2.0

The MF301D is a piston-sensed non-venting or self-venting regulator, designed specifically for diving applications.

It offers a balanced main valve as standard for maximum inlet and control pressures of up to 300 bar (4,350 psi). A baffle plate has been incorporated to reduce turbulence underneath the sensor for very accurate pressure control.

In addition, the MF301D is supplied cleaned and degreased to ASTM G93 Level C

mini300 handwheel and thumbwheel

MINI300 Compact and Low-Flow Pressure Regulator: Gas / Piston / Non-Venting / Max. Inlet: 300 bar (4,350 psi) / Max. Outlet: 100 bar (1,450 psi) / Cv 0.06

The MINI300 provides an economical, lightweight and versatile regulator range, designed for customers who want accurate control from a compact unit.

The MINI300 features fully supported ‘sensitive’ pistons with low pressure and high-pressure outlet options. There is also a choice of handwheel or thumbwheel adjustment.

compact 2 diver panel

Compact 2 Diver panel

The 2 Diver Panel is a compact robust unit, which is mounted in a 2700 Peli case (Black or Yellow) making it portable and easy to carry ( 25kg). The panel can supply 2 divers to a maximum depth of 50 meters. This panel has been tested in accordance BS EN 1533, it exceeds the Kirby Morgan gas flow rate requirements, whilst maintaining gas requirements.

diver communication system portable

Diver Communication System Portable

The AxTALK P is a Rechargeable Portable Communication System designed for Commercial Diving Operations. This communicator has an internal rechargeable 12 VDC battery and an internal battery charger. The system has individual volume control for each channels so the supervisor can adjust manually the gain on each channels available among the two divers, the tender, the auxiliary input for music and the external audio output for recording. When used with an AxVIEW Video Recording System, the communications can be recorded with the video on a computer or on a PVR.

Rackmount AxVIEW HD

Electronic Equipment

Rackmount High-Definition Video and Depth monitoring systems
1080P HD Camera with High Precision Electronic Depth sensor.
HD Video Recording and Depth Monitoring
Rack mounted Computers or tablet to use Diving Data Management Software.
1080p HD Audio/Video backup recorder on SD card. Audio/Video Files can be copy to a computer for playback.
Black box recording systems
Diver Communication systems

canisters of breathing airs

Quad Packs

Gas Quad can be manufactured to any configuration that suit your needs. The front facia panel is made from 316 Stainless steel, the frame is manufactured from S355 in accordance with BS EN 10025-2 & BE EN 10210-1 U.N.O. All welding is min 6mm continuous fillet U.N.O BS EN 1011. All of our designs are calculated and certifed for lifting using FEA.

high pressure steel cylinders

High Pressure Steel Cylinders

We can supply high-pressure steel stand-alone cylinders suitable for breathing air, oxygen, mixed gas, nitrogen, helium or other gases 0.8 – 80 litres up to 300 Bar in Steel.

High Pressure Carbon Composite Cylinders

High Pressure Carbon Composite Cylinders

This light weight smart cylinder is available in 18 and 45 litre sizes., 300Bar. The next generation lightweight material employed to produce it, such as high-performance carbon fibre and thermoplastic polymers with UV protection.

triton grey image coming soon

Gas Hoses

Gas Hoses made to order. 1/4″ to 1/2″ maximum 415 Bar working pressure. Oxygen Hoses made to order 1/2″ maximum working pressure 193 Bar, fully tested and certified.

triton grey image coming soon

Fittings and Valves

We supply a variety products including:

1.General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings

2.Medium & High Pressure Valves and Fittings

3. High Purity & Ultra High Purity Products

Please contact us for more detail.



We offer a wide range of pressure gauges for the commercial diving market, including cassion, pneumo, pressure and temperature gauges.

dive panels

Dive Panels

3 Diver Nitrox to 2 Diver Air panels custom built to your specifications, mounted in a Stainless frame
Custom design and built chamber gas and saturation diving panels.
All panels are tested in accordance BS EN 1533, and Kirby Morgan gas flow rates.

We have 1000’s of other parts and accessories in stock. Contact us to find out more about the rest of our in stock products.
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