We provide a wide range of IMCA commercial diving equipment for hire that is fully certified and compliant. Contact us today to find out more about our range of hire equipment.

launch and recovery system

Launching & Recovery Systems

We have various options for Launching and recovery systems, including platform based with Gravity bases, and hydraulic or air driven.

Fully compliant with D023. Stainless steel dive baskets available, with onboard gas supplies and secondary slings.

dive control unit

A60 Zone 2 Dive Control

Containerised 3 diver mixed gas nitrox dive control panel.

Built in to DNV2-7.1 container.

Complete with NORSOK communications, dive gas analysis, and suite of video systems and recording suite.

Unit is insulated and air conditioned.

Compliant with ATEX requirements, and IMCA D023

triton grey image coming soon

Dive Spread

Fully equipped Diving spread available in the USA. Currently located in the Gulf of Mexico. 1 x Containerised Dive Control. 1 x Containerised Deck Decompression Chamber. 2 x Launch and Recovery System with Baskets. 1 x Hot Water System.

inside of a decompression chamber

Twin Lock Decompression Chambers

A range of large containerised decompression chambers.

Including ATEX for hazardous area use.

IMCA Compliant, from 1.6m diameter to 2m.

hot water machine

Hot Water Machine

170kw boiler, with Multistage pumps. PLC controlled output for diver comfort and safety.

diver air control panel

Portable 2 Diver HP Air Panel

2 diver, air panel. Suitable for a maximum operating depth of 50msw.

Possibly the smallest panel of its type.

Great for short term mobile operations and SRP type works.

Can be supplied with communications system.

subsea baskets

Subsea Baskets

Small to Large divers subsea tool baskets, and Golden Gate Frames.

Fully certified, with appropriate slings and documentation.

triton grey image coming soon

Subsea Hydraulic Tool Hose Reel

IHC Manufactured, hydraulic tool hose reel.

Including hydraulic power pack and controls

hd camera system

HD Camera System

Portable HD camera system.

canisters of breathing airs

Gas Quads

A range of Gas quads, complete with regulated outputs.

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